What Is A Spinal Adjustment?

May 12, 2022
What Is A Spinal Adjustment?
Spinal adjustments are essential for alleviating back pain. Yet, that is not the full extent of its benefits. Spinal adjustments are also helpful for reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Spinal adjustments are essential for alleviating back pain. Yet, that is not the full extent of its benefits.

Spinal adjustments are also helpful for reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches. They help with shoulder and cervical (neck) pain. Instead of resorting to pain medication that typically just treats the symptoms instead of a cause, opt for spinal adjustments provided by our chiropractors.

Adjustments also relieve joint pressure, combats inflammation, and even enhances the functionality of nerves that exit the spine.

We carefully perform a wide array of spinal adjustments, selecting strategic techniques ideal for your unique condition. Our chiropractors will apply a specific force to the vertebra of the spine to restore their proper alignment to assist in pain reduction. Keeping the structure of your spine in alignment is one simple key to living an active, healthy life.

Spinal Adjustment for Pain Relief

You will be completely comfortable throughout the entirety of your spinal adjustment. It is performed on a soft padded table that can be adjusted as you desire. 

In fact, our chiropractic table is even designed with components that can be dropped as the adjustment is performed to add unique forces to the movement.

If you notice popping sounds when our chiropractors in Covington, LA perform spinal adjustment through the use of controlled force, don’t panic. Such sounds are perfectly natural and an indication that progress is being made. 

Such forceful thrusting and stretching are necessary to mobilize your spine. The chiropractors at Integrated Spine & Disc might also use a small metal device known as an activator to apply force to vertebrae in your spine for pain relief.

Some patients question whether chiropractic treatment is safe. Indeed, chiropractic care provided by our chiropractors in Covington is safe. 

Each of the 100+ forms of spinal adjustments performed by our chiropractors involves the application of pressure (including some force). Yet, this application is performed with considerable care.

Though there is the potential for complications, they are highly unlikely. As long as you have a stable spine and are not at high risk for stroke, saddled by severe osteoporosis or spinal cancer, you are a good candidate for chiropractic care performed at Integrated Spine & Disc in Covington, LA.

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