Can A Chiropractor Help With Hip Pain?

Apr 06, 2021
Can A Chiropractor Help With Hip Pain?
When you have hip pain, it’s tough to know where to seek help. That’s because hip pain is typically caused by a combination of factors: muscle spasm, joint irritation, and nerve compression.

When you have hip pain, it’s tough to know where to seek help. That’s because hip pain is typically caused by a combination of factors: muscle spasm, joint irritation, and nerve compression. So how can you take action and finally get hip pain relief? 

If you have tried medications, stretches, and other treatments that promise hip pain relief, and you’re still struggling, you are not alone. Hip pain affects people of all ages; both sedentary and highly active individuals get hip pain for a variety of reasons.

Your first stop for hip pain relief should be your chiropractor. Our chiropractors near Covington, LA deliver hip pain relief to people just like you, every single day. The amazing chiropractors on our team can help identify the cause of your hip pain and get you feeling better in no time with our different types of services and adjustments

The first step to hip pain relief is determining its origin. With a thorough health history and exam, your chiropractor can identify what we call “true” hip pain. The hip joint, or coxofemoral joint, is the attachment point of the thigh bone to the pelvis. When the body is in a faulty alignment, additional stress is placed on one hip joint during walking or physical activity. A healthy hip joint should have plenty of cartilage and fluid surrounding the bone. Wear and tear due to postural misalignment can break down the joint and lead to painful osteoarthritis. Your chiropractor here at Integrated Spine & disc near Covington, LA helps to balance the skeletal system so that your joints wear evenly. Hip joint relief is achieved through gentle, specific adjustments and muscle therapy. 

Pain in the groin is one sign that your problem is coming from the hip joint. However, it is possible that even true hip pain can cause radiating pain into the back and knee. Therefore you should seek expert guidance from a chiropractor to eliminate all possible causes.

Hip pain from other causes

Your chiropractor at Integrated Spine and Disc will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the root cause of your hip pain. Your chiropractor is trained to identify when your pain does not originate in the hip joint itself. Even if the pain you feel is near your hip, the problem may actually be in the muscles and joints of the spine or pelvis. Here are some common issues we see at our clinic near Covington, LA that masquerade as hip pain, and here’s how you can begin to find hip pain relief today.

Low back problem

Problems in the lower lumbar spine often cause pain that radiates into the hip. A spinal disc herniation, for example, can compress the disc space and put pressure on the spinal nerve. The resulting pain often travels down the leg or to the front of the abdomen. One familiar example of this is the condition known as sciatica. The sciatic nerve can be compressed anywhere from the low back to the muscle of the buttocks. Therefore the treatment, and ultimately hip pain relief, is as individual as the patient. Here at Integrated Spine and Disc, our chiropractors use gentle, specific adjustments to take the pressure off spinal nerves. Our team near Covington, LA is also ready to customize a program for you that includes effective stretches and exercises that provide lasting hip pain relief. 

Pelvic joint (SI joint)

The sacroiliac joints are located where the spine meets the pelvis on either side of the low back. Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain feels like pinching or throbbing pain on one side (or both sides) that radiates into the buttocks or down the leg. SI joint dysfunction can also cause weakness or tingling in the legs. If you have SI joint pain, your postural alignment is key to achieving hip pain relief. Factors such as prior childbirth, carrying a toddler on one hip, and engaging in sports like golf are all common ways to throw off the alignment of your pelvis and create pain at the SI joints. 

Your chiropractor at Integrated Spine & Disc near Covington, LA will take x-rays to help detect compression in the SI joints, as well as to measure faulty rotation or side bending in the low back. Our skilled chiropractors will also do a posture assessment and palpate the area to determine the best course of treatment. Finding a skilled chiropractor, like ours near Covington, LA, is important because your pain can easily be located on the opposite side of your actual SI joint dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments provide safe and effective hip pain relief that originates in the SI joint. 

With a chiropractor on your healthcare team, you won’t have to wait for lengthy medical visits and tests to start finding answers to your frustrating hip pain. Our team at Integrated Spine and Disc takes a thorough, holistic approach to treating hip pain and getting you back to your active lifestyle. Come see us at our office serving Mandeville, LA, and Covington, LA. You’ll receive a thorough investigation into the cause of your hip pain as well as options for treatment. You could be one step closer to lasting hip pain relief. Book your first appointment with our friendly team today.