Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to warm-up before my adjustment?

Spinal warms-ups are an essential component to your office visit and home care. Dr. Pettibon found that without properly warming up the spine, complete correction is difficult if not impossible. Spinal warm-ups allow for an easier adjustment that holds longer, allowing for faster spinal correction.

What happens if I fall behind on my home rehab?

It is EXTREMELY important that you perform your home reinforcement every day you don’t receive care at the office. If you miss days it will be evident because your spine and posture will not correct at the rate expected. This CAN be determined at your re-examinations and re-x-rays. Home rehab is designed to progress slowly so your muscles adapt to new demands placed on them; we want you to stay on schedule so that you will be comfortable. In addition, a lack of commitment on your part with home rehab can lengthen the time needed in corrective care.

How many times a week do I need to be adjusted?

Your care schedule is based upon your spinal health and phase of spinal degeneration. This will be explained to you after the Doctor’s Report where we will review your x-rays. Corrective care patients are typically seen three times a week. For some Phase II spines it is not unusual to be seen four times a week. This number is based on research performed by Dr. Pettibon thousands of patients who have been through similar spinal corrective care using The Pettibon Method. Be assured that as you hold your adjustments longer, you will be adjusted less frequently. This is the goal of corrective care and it is what makes our office unique. When your spine is either 100% perfect (sometimes that is not a possibility depending on the amount of degeneration present), or when we see that your spine stops changing positively, the doctor will make a recommendation for continued spinal maintenance.

Why can’t I just stop care when the pain goes away?

It’s important to remember that your care plan is not based upon pain relief. Our goal is to correct spinal misalignments (subluxations) to restore optimal function to your spine and nerve system. Correction is determined by x-rays, not symptoms such as pain.

Why don’t all chiropractors take pre and post x-rays?

Some chiropractors only focus on getting you out of pain. Although pain relief is what everyone initially wants, the underlying problem can remain uncorrected. This inefficient approach will lead to future degenerative conditions and ultimately more pain. Our office focuses on correcting the structure of the spine, which can only be quantified through pre and post x-ray evaluation.

Is it really important that I maintain my spinal correction when I done?

Spines, like teeth require regular maintenance to function properly. The reason your spine was in poor health initially is because you may not have sufficiently maintained your spine in the past. It would not be wise to invest the time and money in your care plan if you did not maintain your spine after correction is achieved.

Will my dietary habits affect my ability for correction?

Yes! It is vital that the right nutrients are present in order for your spine to heal. Proper hydration is a must for rehydrating the spinal discs along with the Wobble Chair exercises. Before performing your rehab exercises drink 8 oz. of pure water. For questions regarding the most important nutrients for spinal restoration ask a staff member or attend one of our advanced workshops on the subject.

How old does my child have to be to receive an adjustment?

It is our mission to enable children to live a life free of the detrimental effects of vertebral subluxation. Children’s growing spines are especially vulnerable to spinal misalignment whether from the birth process, falls, poor dietary habits, backpacks, etc. The worst time to start working on your health is after you have lost it. The greatest gift you can give to any child is to make sure their spine forms correctly so that they have the potential to function optimally throughout their life. Children always respond more quickly and favorably that most adults because the problem has typically been their less time.

Do you offer family plans?

We have family plans available to keep your entire family healthy and subluxation free. Ask a staff member to explain them to you in more detail.

Is Dr. Miller available to speak to my group?

Dr. Miller devotes his time to educating our community on topics of health and wellness. To schedule a workshop speak to a staff member.

My doctor said I need surgery. Can chiropractic still help?

The only way to know is to have a chiropractic checkup. We have helped a multitude of people avoid the dangers of spinal surgery. Surgery is necessary in some cases but vastly overused. Surgery rarely corrects the underlying problem that caused the damage in the first place.